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Blood Transfusions

In rare cases due to either injury, anticoagulant ingestion or various illness such as auto-immune disorder, patients may require emergency blood product transfusions.

We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to obtain the information necessary to determine the cause of a patients need for a transfusion and provide us with critical data to help determine what type of transfusion is best for that pet.

Depending on the animals condition, transfusions may be either whole blood from a local donor or fresh frozen plasma from a national veterinary blood bank and kept on hand here at the clinic.   Multiple medications are given with each transfusion to minimize the chance of a reaction to the foreign material being introduced into the patients system and insure the best possible outcome for that pet.  While there are many risks and possible complications associated with blood transfusions, these procedures are almost always performed in an emergency situation and have proven time and again to be life saving therapies for our patients!