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We at Gieb Veterinary Clinic pride ourselves on our state of the art in house diagnostic equipment.


We offer comprehensive blood analysis including CBC, multiple chemistry panels to evaluate internal organ function, thyroid level testing, fructosamine and blood glucose testing for patients with diabetes, phenobarbital therapy levels for seizure patients, NSAID chemistry panel for patients on long term anti-inflammatory therapy, blood clotting times for patients who may have ingested certain poisons as well as routine canine heartworm testing and feline viral screening.

Urinalysis to examine and evaluate urine samples in patients who may be suffering from urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes or potentially have kidney or bladder stones.

Our in-house ultrasound gives us the unique ability to “look inside” a patient and evaluate the appearance of various organs and tissues beyond what is possible with X-Ray.  This often gives us the unique ability to gain insight into a patients condition or make a difficult diagnosis that would otherwise be impossible without an expensive referral or risky exploratory surgery.

Digital Radiography for both medical and dental evaluations (see radiography page).

Endoscopy for inspection and if needed, biopsy of the upper GI tract (see endoscopy page).

We also perform all commonplace veterinary medical diagnostics including fecal screenings for intestinal parasites, microscopic evaluation of any patient sample, testing for canine parvo virus, woods lamp exam for ringworm and corneal ulcers or other eye trauma, tear production to test for “dry eye”, evaluation of blood pressure, EKG and HR/Pulse Ox (blood oxygen saturation) among many others.

If you have a question regarding any diagnostic test your pet may need or has had in the past, please do not hesitate to ask our staff.  We are more than happy to discuss your pets health needs in detail with you at any time!