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Hospice/End of life care

Hospice:  When some terminally ill or very old pets reach a point in life where their poor health cannot reasonably be expected to improve we consider them “hospice” patients.  These are pets who still have joy in living but sadly face health challenges that we anticipate will lead to their passing within a short period of time.   Our goal at that point becomes to insure these beloved pets spend their remaining days as comfortably as possible so that both they and their human family can cherish that truly valuable time.  Many medications to maintain appetite and control pain are available and every case is unique.  If you have a very senior or terminally ill pet and are interested in options to maintain quality of life in their final weeks or months please feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss these options with our doctors.

Euthanasia:  Often patients of advanced age and/or those in poor health may reach a point where their “quality of life” is no longer sufficient for them to truly remain comfortable or have adequate dignity and their owners may consider humane euthanasia to end their suffering.

The decision to release a beloved pet from the suffering of a failing body is one that ultimately only you as an owner can make but we are always available to help you understand what the process entails as well as answer any questions you may have to ease your mind and heart in making this very difficult decision.  We can also perform this service in your home for a reasonable additional fee if you would prefer.

If you are considering euthanasia as an option for a pet in the near future you are welcome to call and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors or technicians to have your questions answered and discuss the specific process beforehand making things easier when, and if the time does come.

Aftercare:  In the event that a pet is euthanized or passes away at home, we can assist with several options for aftercare of the pets remains if you would prefer not to bury them at home.  We use a local crematory and pet cemetery that can provide both cremation and if desired, internment (burial) services.  With cremation services you have the option to have your pets ashes returned to you if you would like and many different presentation urns are available.  Prices depend on the pets weight and the specific services you choose.