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Pain Management

Pain management, whether for arthritis, illness, injury or routine surgery is an important part of veterinary medicine.  We at Gieb Veterinary Clinic believe that comfort is essential to a pets well being and consider pain and suffering to be a important issue for all pet owners to consider when making decisions regarding their pets health and treatment.


Many over the counter pain medications made for human use are metabolized very differently by dogs and cats and can be harmful, even fatal if given.

Arthritis:  Geriatric pets often hide the early stages of painful arthritis making it difficult for owners to realize their pet suffers chronic pain.  If you see an older pet seemingly slow to rise when they have been laying down, hesitant to climb stairs or jump off low heights or often trembling in the hind quarters when walking or squatting to use the bathroom then it is likely suffering from moderate to severe arthritis pain.  If you observe any of these symptoms or have questions about supplements and medications to prevent chronic arthritis pain in geriatric pets you are encouraged to make an appointment to evaluate your pets joint health and if needed, begin steps to increase their comfort.

Injury: When a pet is injured there will almost certainly be pain involved.  Regardless of the severity of the injury, it is important to always have an injured pet examined as soon as possible.  Various injuries may seem minor at first due to most pets not wanting to openly display pain or weakness because of their instinct to avoid being preyed upon.  An injury that appears minor initially can deteriorate quickly without being treated which may ultimately lead to much more expensive treatment costs or worse, declining beyond a point that something can be successfully treated.

Surgery:  Few people would undergo any routine surgery without some level of therapeutic pain management.  Why should your animal friend be any different?  While it is generally accepted that animals have a higher pain tolerance than people, they still can feel and suffer emotional distress from pain.  Our routine surgery prices do not include pain management options during and after surgery.  To make these options easily affordable, we have created discounted pain prevention packages to be offered with surgery ranging from $15-$25 for most pets depending on breed and weight.  If you are scheduling your pet for surgery please ask us to discuss various options for surgical pain management for your pet prior to surgery!  A happy pet heals faster!