724 E Hwy 199
Springtown, Texas 76082




Janet Steed

 Janet is originally from California and relocated to Texas for a job opportunity. She was in the corporate world and decided to spend time with animals and finds its enjoyable and rewarding. She has a history in customer service and computer software, eventually deciding animals are better! She loves spending time with patients in the clinic. Working with our family she has been given the opportunity to learn more about health issues and animal behaviors. Janet has to sister black labs, Aja and Indigo, both 4 years old and completely dedicated to each other. Her time outside of the clinic, she enjoys cooking, reading, meeting new people and learning new things.

Cheyenne McCollum

Cheyenne is originally from North Carolina and moved to Texas at a young age. She now lives in Springtown with her husband. She loves learning new things and has not ever worked in the animal field but had a strong feeling the learning would never stop and was she right! Though she does not have a particular passion for animal, yes she likes them and loves to interact with them but her passion is for people and being a receptionist is perfect for her! She worked through her high school career at Broookshires starting as a cashier to store trainer in a short time. She would like to pursue college majoring in Diagnostic Sonography. She loves to spend time with her husband, watching baseball, going on walks and one day she would love to own an english cream long haired dachshund. She does not have any personal pets but she spend a lot of time with her mother in laws 4 dogs walking them and teaching them new tricks.