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 Melony Lujan
Melony graduated from Weatherford College in 2007 for a Veterinary Assistant. She has been a kennel manager for 10 years. She is now one of our technicians and doing a great job. She has 2 boys, 1 who is currently in college and her second is in 4th grade. She also has her 2 fur babies, Anubis and Missy. Melony is very kind and gentle and soft spoken. She excels in customer service and willing participant when we need her!





20160125_132137_resizedWinter River GiebVetClinicCat

Winter plays an invaluable role in staff development.  Her administrative responsibilities include dust bunny stalking, laundry reorganizing and frustrating Dr. Barone.   Her hobbies include laying around, knocking things off Dr. Barones desk and looking for her lost tail.  When she’s not at work, Winter enjoys the finer things in life such as warm towels fresh out of the dryer and cat food.



  Aaron Rangel
Aaron has been working as a veterinary technician since 2000. He went to school and graduated from Trinity Valley Community College with an Associates in Applied Science. He then pursued his Bachelors degree in Esoteric Ministry at Ohio State University. Aaron has 7 dogs and 1 cat. He’s very good hearted and compassionate no matter if you have 4 legs or 2. He is one of our newest members to the clinic. He’s always making things more fun and interesting here.


DJ Davidson
DJ graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors in Animal Science/ Pre-Vet in 2014. She then went on to graduate from Murray State College with an Associates in Veterinary Technology in 2016. Her variety of animals at home is insane! From bearded dragons and rats all the way to horses, but her 2 favorite are dogs that are her babies. They are English bulldogs named Ruger and Winnie. DJ pays close attention to detail making her a wonderful asset to our patients. She has a strong crafty side and extraordinary organizational skills.


Kristin Carney-Anderson
Kristin was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from Northeast Community College for her degree in veterinary technology.  She moved to Texas in 2016 with her husband and son. She has an active household with a husband, son, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 3 goats, a horse and several Sugar Gliders!


 Coming Soon… Vanessa Galaviz