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  Melony Lujan

Melony, originally from Marfa, TX relocated to Weatherford in 2000. She started her career with animals by volunteering at a local shelter and developed her passion with animals and knew what she wanted to do in life! She is graduate from Weatherford College in the Veterinary Assistant Certification and worked as a kennel manager for 7 years and eventually moved up into be a technician. While working at the shelter, she realized “Maybe if pet owners were more educated about their pets care and behaviors, there might be a smaller number of animals in the shelter”!  Melony is our resident anal gland expression expert and ear plucking extraordinaire! Her real interests are Animal Behavior and Surgical procedures. Her family includes her love and 3 sons, 1 of which is currently a student at Sul Ross, pursing a life with animals included and her 3 dogs. Missy the oldest and most alpha dog in the house, what Missy wants, Missy gets! Anubis her black German Sheperd and her recently adopted Skyler. She loves to read in her spare time, when she can find the time!





20160125_132137_resizedWinter River GiebVetClinicCat

Winter plays an invaluable role in staff development.  Her administrative responsibilities include dust bunny stalking, laundry reorganizing and frustrating Dr. Barone.   Her hobbies include laying around, knocking things off Dr. Barones desk and looking for her lost tail.  When she’s not at work, Winter enjoys the finer things in life such as warm towels fresh out of the dryer and cat food.



Desiree Gulledge

 Desiree recently purchased a house in Azle and grew up in Saginaw. Her desire to be in veterinary medicine  is having the ability to make a difference, seeing how patients go from incredibly sick to being happy and healthy! She is a professional puppy and kitten snuggler! Her special interests is animal anatomy because you learn exactly what makes a dog a dog and a cat a cat.  She is a United States Navy Veteran, formerly worked at a law firm and is currently a student at Cedar Valley pursing her Veterinary Technician registration. Her home includes her loving husband and son. Plus her Brittany Spaniel, Remi and a red heeler, Cheyenne both full of life and love. Outside of her love of animals and her family she enjoys fishing and hunting.


DJ Davidson

 Born and raised in Crafton, TX. She has wanted to be in veterinary medicine since she was 8 years old, so she went to graduate from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors in Animal Science/ Pre-Vet in 2014. She then went on to graduate from Murray State College with an Associates in Veterinary Technology in 2016. Her variety of animals at home is insane! From bearded dragons and rats all the way to horses, but her 2 favorite are dogs that are her babies. They are English bulldogs named Ruger and Winnie. Her special interests are reproductions and organ transplantation. She has a strong crafty side,  extraordinary organizational skills, and our favorite, she loves to bake!


Kristin Carney-Anderson

Kristin was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and moved here with her husband and son in 2016. She graduated from Northeast Community College for her degree in veterinary technology and did her internship at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo! She aspires to visit all the zoo’s in the world and would love to rehabilitate wildlife in the future. She has a very active household and definitely kept the doctors and staff on their toes as we never know what kind of critter she is going to bring in with her! 3 dogs, 6 cats, a horse, 12 ducks, 16 chickens, 7 goats and 13 sugar gliders. BUT those numbers are always subject to change!


  Vanessa Galaviz-Harris

Vanessa is originally from Dallas and recently moved to Springtown with her family. She found that she has a passion for all animals growing up and has since developed a fondness for raising chickens, goats and birds.  She started her career as a kennel technician in 2008 and in 2009 she was promoted to a technician. She has also done some fostering and has a couple fur babies at home that were rescued from a shelter. 3  happy dogs live with her. Her favorite things in medicine are dentals and general surgeries. Her outside activities include running in marathons, volleyball and kayaking! She has also has become a great staff member for aggressive and frightened dogs, she is very patient and kind with slow hands and a gentle touch.